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Welcome to the website of High in the Sky (HitS)! We're currently a casual Level 2 Horde guild on Eredar server that focuses mainly on PvP, but we also dabble in a little PvE, questing, and some general achievement-whoring. When we get enough members with decent enough gear, we're hoping to start a rated BG group or two (hopefully some arena groups while we're at it) with ideal classes/specs working together to achieve victory.

We'd like our new members to be level 85 when they join, but 80+ is also welcome if you plan on leveling. Gear, rank, and knowledge of PvP is not important to us when you join - all we'd like to see from our members is a passion for PvP, and a willingness to learn and accept criticism.

Our one and only guild rule currently is that there will be no trash talk amongst the guild. We don't care what you say elsewhere, though, because that's none of our business. If a guild member offers you advice to your PvP or WoW skills, be courteous and do what you want with it. If a guild member screws up, don't cuss them out. Help them learn and be better. These are your team mates, after all, and our group morale in PvP is just as important as anything else. All we ask is to be mature when taking/giving advice or criticism of another guild mate.

If you'd like more information or to inquire about joining, message Mescalinmilk in-game.
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New members 80 - 85 only. Recruiting any and all classes/specs.
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